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Grupo Xcaret as well as the Xenotes Tour promote a respect for nature, and is the reason why we are always looking for new ways to preserve it.
With this vision a sustainability model is created that ensures the conservation, promotion and development of the natural heritage, besides the intention of sharing with the world the amazing experiences nature allows to spend within it.

Sustainability | Grupo Xcaret

As a part of the Xenotes Tour and all the parks and tours of Grupo Xcaret you help to keep these commitments to the environment:

  • Scarlet Macaw Conservation Program
  • Mangrove Project for Reforestation and Rehabilitation of the Nichupté Lagoon System
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • Creation of the Riviera Maya Forest Nursery
  • Efficient Use of Resources
  • Coral Reproduction Program
  • Manatee Conservation Program
  • Green School Project (Reforestation of Public Schools in Quintana Roo)
  • Environmental Education Program
  • Responsible Waste Management
  • Southern Stingray Research Program
  • Ten Reproduction Programs: Pink Flamingo, Great Green Macaw, Rainbow-billed Toucan, Crested Guan, Quetzal, Nurse Shark, Butterflies, Mexican Parrot, Tapir and the Great Curassow.
  • Each year more than 130,000 native plants from the Mexican Southeast are produced; 100,000 are used for reforestation inside and outside the parks.
  • Programs of integral water management, energy savings by taking advantage of natural light, and solid waste administration through which 70% of the waste from the parks is recovered.
  • Supporting Save the Children’s playrooms in the municipalities of Tulum and Solidaridad in the Riviera Maya.
Sustainability is the way to keep providing unforgettable experiences inspired by the respect for nature, culture and life.