Lu'um - Earth Xenote

cenote earth

Lu’um is a semi-open cenote. It connects to the aquifer through tunnels and caves. The flow of water is horizontal and the amount of time the water stays put is usually short. The Xenote is still semi-closed, thus it is considered young.

rappel cenote cancun

Rappel to adventure and take a dip in the clear waters of Xenote Earth

If you have experienced rappelling before, you will love this activity, however if this is your first time, this is the perfect moment to do it, you will not regret it. There will be no location or surroundings that can compare to the rock formations found in this unparalleled Xenote. It is a unique adventure that you will not want to miss: scream, laugh, enjoy… let loose and experience the excitement of this thrilling adventure.
Note: Rappel with aided descent.

Alux Lu’um

Lu’um, the Earth Xenote alux is the most mischievous and cunning of all. He has an extremely playful personality and is always looking for ways to have fun. He likes to laugh and enjoy the land he guards, which is the connection between him and Mother Nature. His child soul will always make him act a bit crazy, so please just help him take care of his home and don’t litter as this bothers and hurts him.

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