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With Xenotes Oasis Maya Tour, you visit four types of cenotes, located in the Route of the Cenotes, between Cancun and Puerto Morelos. Each one has its own personality, so you will be surrounded by different landscapes, while doing completely safe and fun activities as rappelling, zip-lining, swimming and kayaking.


K'áak´ is an open cenote that allows underground currents to communicate with the jungle and light. A large quantities of plants and life can be found in its vertical walls it. Enjoy its emerald green water and interact with the natural surroundings.

K’áak’ (Fire) is the Alux of the Fire Xenote, full of life and energy. His temper is strong and passionate. His rules are easy to follow: live in the moment, do everything with passion, energy and vitality to make him happy.


This hidden jewel is a cave cenote with a majestic view. It is formed by a large vault of stalactites, and only a small opening at the top, through which the sunlight is filtered and reflected on its beautiful turquoise blue water.

Its guardian is Lu'um Alux (Earth), the most mischievous and playful of all. He likes to laugh and takes care of his beloved nature. Help him to keep that joy, taking care of his home.


Get to know the semi-open cenote, which has a diversity of flora. Here you get immerse in a special energy inside its landscape full of contrasts, between the green of the jungle and the color of the water.

It is taken care of by Ha' Alux (Agua), the more harmonious and well behaved. He will always be peaceful and kind, but we recommend you to take care of the water, because it is the most sacred treasure for him. Don’t litter and use the appropriate sun block, as we don’t want to upset him in his own home.


Be amazed by the movie landscape of Iik’, the wind cenote, for its cylindrical shape and the lush vegetation surrounding it. Enjoy the warmth of the sun, the freshness of the water and the quiet of the jungle.

Iik’ the Alux of the Wind Xenote is the most unpredictable of them, you will never guess in what mood he will be. Just as his namesake, he is volatile, never stable and always changing direction. He wants to share the beauty of his home to everyone who loves nature as much as him.

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